Providing The Most  Sustainable Building Material in the Global Marketplace

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Our mission is to provide the most sustainable (environmentally, socially, and economically) building material in the global marketplace by manufacturing Bamboo Strand Board (BSB). 

Traditional lumber products and steel are costly, unsustainable, and produce high carbon emissions. 

Bamboo absorbs up to 350% more carbon, up to 8x stronger, and grows 5-10x faster than traditional lumber.

By utilizing bamboo we can make the world a more sustainable place for the current generation and generations to come.


Bamboo Strand Board (BSB)

-Replacement for Plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

-Made from Moso bamboo fibers and soy-based glue

-Panda Processing holds provisional patent on this design

-Stronger than top competitors in tensile, compression, shear, and flexural strength

-Far cheaper alternative to plywood or OSB

-Over 300% more CO2 intake than traditional timber per unit of area



Make & perform mechanical tests on prototypes


  • Spring: We aim to receive funding for R&D in Japan, including factory design and prototype durability testing

  • Summer: Travel to Japan to establish locations of future production & establish a network with business partners

  • Winter: Secure second round of funding by December


Begin production by May, 2022 in either Osaka or Kobe, Japan


Use revenues from 2022 to begin a farming operation in Okeechobee, Florida



Austin Trefes 

Founder & CEO

Austin is studying at the University of Rhode Island working to achieve his Masters degree in Civil & Environmental engineering. Austin is also an undergraduate researcher at URI under supervision of Dr. Sumanta Das. 

Casey Murphy


Casey is studying Economics and Computer Science at the University of Kentucky. He currently is the website coordinator for DanceBlue which raised $2 million for Pediatric Cancer in 2020.

Michael Webb


Michael is currently enrolled at Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky where he is working to achieve his Bachelors degree in Business-Management.

Sumeru Nayak


Dr. Nayak is about to graduate with a PhD in structural engineering from URI. His research interests include development and characterization of structural composites besides testing and simulation. His extensive research has resulted in multiple research publications and IP leading to a commercial collaboration.

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